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In conversation with: Lucy Benson - The Open College of the Arts
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In conversation with: Lucy Benson


“I’m constantly fascinated with how light can transform the perception of a space and the relationship between light and materials. My use of materials and processes are the result of my exploration of different planes, distortion, translucency, line and structure.”

What initially attracted you to textiles?

Initially I thought I was going to do a degree in Painting. During my art foundation course it was very apparent I was very experimental with materials and processes to express my concepts. I moved across last minute from the Fine Art specialism into Textiles and immediately knew I’d made the right decision.

What were your influences and how has this affected your work?

There have been some exhibitions I have seen which I felt such an emotional connection with my own ideas or use of materials and processes. I remember travelling hours to see a small exhibition of Mary Martin and being blown away. I felt the work was expressing my own mind. The Light Show exhibition at the Hayward gallery in 2013 was another one of these experiences and more recently ‘Space Shifters’. It is absolutely essential as a creative to be confidence and true to your own creative identity and don’t compare your own ideas to others. We are all individuals and our work should reflect this.

Tell us about your process

I spend a lot of time researching my concept and always originate my ideas from my own photography. I draw observing closely the qualities these imagery hold, such as composition, surface and shape. My choice of materials very much depend on the concept and the purpose of the work, particularly if the end design are to have a function. I’m then very experimental exploring processes with the chosen material to translate my ideas and imagery.

Tell us about your chosen techniques

I use a wide range of techniques and processes. These all depend on the materials I’m working with and the function they are to hold.

What Inspires you at the moment?

Light will always be my inspiration. The contrast of dark and light, translucent and opaque. How light interacts with different surfaces and can distort.

How has your work developed and how do you see it in the future?

When I come across really early work it still has the similar identity to my current work. I have always been very selective, with an abstract minimal approach. I truly believe less is more. I would like to see my work evolving into large-scale site-specific installations.

Posted by author: Pere Bruach
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2 thoughts on “In conversation with: Lucy Benson

  • It would have been useful to have some background information as to who Lucy Benson is – a student or practising textile designer?

    • Hi Rose,
      Thank you for your comment. Lucy Benson is a practising textile designer and her work focuses on the study of Light within space; form refraction and distortion; the relationship between light and material. She is inspired by the angles of three-dimensional forms, and how light relates to the material and space. Hope it inspires you.

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