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What is your tutor up to? Chapter 20: Jim Cowan

These days it is also necessary for tutors to have websites and while the appeal of a gallery exhibition might be paramount, showing your work on a digital platform is becoming increasingly important and can in some cases reach a greater number of viewers.

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Is it photography, is it video?

I’m sure you will have correctly identified the above embedded media as a video; the control strip at the bottom of the frame provides an inequivocal clue. But I bet you will also have double checked that you clicked on ‘play’ because, when you do it, apparently nothing happens. Keep watching though, and pay attention, […]

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June’s issue of the British Journal of Photography includes a feature on the use of DSLR’s in video production and argues that the development is leading to a democratisation of film making. Now I am on seriously dangerous territory commenting on this issue. My track record is not good. In September 2008, when Canon announced […]

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