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Looking at the future of textiles: Science and technology

Many Artists and designers use more unconventional techniques and unusual methods, usually from other fields to create their collections. Sometimes using materials or processes that are technology/science led bring very interesting outcomes and new ways of working that can open new doors for the future of Arts and Design.

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Textiles and technology

As OCA textiles students you will have a growing awareness that the subject of textiles is wide and varied. It encompasses fine art, decorative textiles for fashion and interiors and also more functional textiles designed for medical and engineering purposes. The OCA is not in the position to expose you to the practical aspects of innovations in textile technology but having an awareness of the area will help develop your thinking and textile practice.

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They Rule

I first came across the group of artists and designers called Futurefarmers at a conference at the University of Montreal in 2001. They were there to talk about the development of one of their projects called They Rule. A blend of internet software wizardry and journalistic enquiry that allowed users to explore who sat on […]

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