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sustaining practice

Study event: OCA East of England – Cultivating a reflective practice

As there is a strong emphasis on reflective practice in our learning logs, this workshop will be of interest to students on any course. Participants are asked to bring a couple of examples of their own work to aid discussion. Notebooks, pens and handouts will be provided on the day.

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Presenting your work in digital formats for screen

If you are looking for ways to present your work digitally online there are many ways in which you can achieve this. Some of these are fairly simple and require no special software, whilst others might require more skill and access to various software programmes

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Confessions of an art student: Sustaining practice

And when someone in the future asks you to talk about sustaining your practice, you are OBVIOUSLY going to say YES, not just because you have anxiety issues about letting people down… but because you have made so much damn work you have no space in your house anymore: that is ‘sustained as hell!’

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