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OCA’s student association or OCASA for short, is a group of altruist students representing the vibrant and diverse body of creative people studying foundations, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in fine art, photography, music, creative writing, textiles and visual communications, to name but a few, with the Open College of the Arts.

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What we do have are a very particular set of skills… thumb

What we do have are a very particular set of skills…

It’s all very well being open-access, but what if you’ve never studied before? With distance learning you can’t turn up at an office and ask for help. Well, you can, but Barnsley is a bit of a trek for most of our students. So what can you do when you need a (virtual) cup of tea and someone to help you make sense of it all?

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Find your tribe thumb

Find your tribe

What do you get if you mix parents, carers, artists, teachers, retirees, and those whose career took them down a different path to their artistic leanings? No, there’s no punchline – our student body is made up of a diverse student community from around the world and all find their place within OCA.

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Study tips 3: Mental health thumb

Study tips 3: Mental health

Over the course of doing a degree, there is a lot of opportunity for life to get in the way, and finding and keeping that motivation can be difficult, particularly over the 12 years that you might be with OCA.

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Study tips 1: Community thumb

Study tips 1: Community

Knowing that distance learning can be difficult we recently reached out to you, our students, to ask the people who know best what it’s like to study with OCA and what you have found has helped you to study effectively. So many of you came back to us with great hints and tips that we’ll run a mini-series to cover all the suggestions, plus a few of our own from the staff here at OCA HQ.

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What’s your creative resolution? thumb

What’s your creative resolution?

For many, the New Year is a time to make resolutions. These often involve responding the excess of the Christmas holiday season to eat healthily or exercise more. This may have been the time of year that you first thought about signing up for your course with OCA. A new year with new plans and goals. We asked for some ideas for creative resolutions for 2018 to make it the most productive year.

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The art of keeping a sketchbook thumb

The art of keeping a sketchbook

An insight into a student-led collaboration between Music and Fine Art Over the last half year I’ve had the pleasure of visiting exhibitions of two artists local to the North East of Scotland. I was taken by surprise to find – among the seascapes of Frances Walker and Kate Downie – a similar little gem, […]

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