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[ (6) ] go to Oxford

Six OCA photography alumni are showing that completing your degree can be the beginning of a journey, not the end of one. First collaborating as [ (6) ] when they were undergraduates in 2014, they have continued to stay in touch since graduating.

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Making the course work for you

As a tutor for the OCA I have at times had expressed to me a frustration from students on aspects of the course projects being a bit “vague”, or to put it another way, that there isn’t a clear set of instructions, such as “do this, now do that, in order to produce X,” and I thought it might be beneficial to current students to discuss this topic in a bit more detail…

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Discovery and Collaboration

Whilst preparing a piece for the recent Composition Workshop, Jerry Mayle decided to pursue a slightly different path than what was originally called for. Jerry asked tutor Andy Glover-Whitley in advance about the possibility of making changes and he got more than he bargained for in the process…

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Joe Clark – a student on drawing 1

I’d like to share with everyone the work of one of my drawing 1 students – Joe Clark. He is a capable student and very motivated. We are having some interesting discussions because when he first came onto the course his work seemed to have an aesthetic which was born out of advertising or graphic […]

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The Solent

There was a lot of exceptional work submitted at the last assessment event in March, but the one piece that could not be ignored was Avril Lewis’ level 3 project on the Solent. The finished piece is huge; at something like six by four feet, it is not really possible to convey the impact such […]

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The Series

As a charity one of the underpinning principles for the OCA is widening access to arts education to those who might otherwise be unable to benefit from it. In this slideshow Jane Horton talks about Kenneth Brown, OCA painting student whose work for the course Your Own Exhibition is called The Series. Jane was interviewed […]

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