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Garden Design – 21/22 News roundup by Programme Leader Gill German thumb

Garden Design – 21/22 News roundup by Programme Leader Gill German

After the challenges of 2020 the Garden Design Department is now steadily growing. We had a successful assessment in July with all students passing with good grades and all continuing on to the next unit. It is really exciting having a range of student experience in the Garden Design Department. We have more students finishing current units now and I’m looking forward to their applications for their unit assessments.

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The value of dreaming thumb

The value of dreaming

I always come back to the acknowledgement of an individuals personality as a way of driving artwork. Personalities are unique and so being true to oneself when drawing, photographing or making is an essential ingredient in producing original outcomes

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Reflection and the edit: Part 2 thumb

Reflection and the edit: Part 2

You may be familiar with the idea of writing a first draft of an essay, and then editing it down to get to the final version? In my view, to edit a body of work is something that needs to be done continuously and not done just at the end, through reflecting on what ideas/techniques are working and what isn’t and making the decision to either take them forwards or ‘edit’ them out and leave them behind. Editing your work ensures that ideas are always pushed forwards and projects aren’t left to become stagnant and uninspire.

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Reflection and the edit: Part 1 thumb

Reflection and the edit: Part 1

Reflecting on your work underpins your entire practice; it is essential to be able to look objectively at your work and really review things such as- why you have done something, how does it work, is it a success or does it require more development/thought, how would it be improved, and the specifics of why it has worked/not worked.

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