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Nancy Spero

Why is Nancy Spero so angry?

The rallying call of Spero raised questions for me and the OCA students who came to the Nancy Spero exhibition. Spero confronts in her installation Maypole Take No Prisoners II which is made from steel, silk, wood, nylon filament, handprint on aluminium. It’s composed of hand-printed severed heads with protruding tongues attached to the maypole […]

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Nancy Spero, part one

Last Saturday afternoon a small group gathered in front of the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. After a brief exchange of information –how far we had travelled, our connection with the OCA, what courses everyone was on – we were straight in. We were here on a mission — to respond to Nancy Spero’s life […]

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Gallery visit: Nancy Spero

Well worth a visit: On Saturday 2 April I will be hosting a visit for six students to the Nancy Spero retrospective at the Serpentine Gallery. Entertaining, challenging and stimulating, a good day out is on offer. If you would like to go please email to secure your free place. We will meet at […]

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