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Editing documentary thumb

Editing documentary

Here’s Miranda on the importance of editing in producing bodies of documentary work. And here are two quite different bodies of work. The first, entitled Camden by French photographer Jean Christian Bourcart has no obvious structure. The second, entitled Copia by American photographer Brian Ulrich has a clear structure. The issue he is examining is […]

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What is documentary photography? thumb

What is documentary photography?

In this latest video, Miranda turns her attention to the thorny question of documentary photography, photojournalism and reportage something Jon Levy talked to Jose about earlier this year, so it is interesting to contrast their ideas. In the video Miranda refers to Latitude Zero a body of work by Monique Stouder, which I certainly had […]

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Introducing Miranda thumb

Introducing Miranda

Miranda Gavin is deputy editor of Hotshoe Magazine and the editor of their HotshoeBlog. Jose and Mark went to interview her during the summer and she was very generous with her time. The result is we have a treasure chest of arresting and salient video for our photography students. As we want the points Miranda […]

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