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Jesse Alexander

This interview also appears on The Freeman View. Jesse Alexander has been working professionally with photography since 2004, after graduating from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in Farnham (now know as the University for the Creative Arts). As well as a photographic practice, Jesse has written for several magazines, including Source and HotShoe […]

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Jon Levy on Intent, Art and the Vernacular

Back in December I went with Jose Navarro to film an interview with Jon Levy founder and director of Foto8. Foto8 publish the highly recommended biannual magazine of documentary photography 8 and its associated website and run the Host Gallery in London. Jon was very generous with his time and we are working hard to […]

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Making it pay

While we were down interviewing Michael Freeman about the photography degree pathway we thought it would be interesting to ask him about what it needs to be a successful professional photographer. As all us can see the market is changing rapidly, but he doesn’t think this is necessarily grounds for pessimism. This is a subject […]

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The Photography Degree Pathway

Since we have had the BA(Hons) Photography validated earlier this year, significantly larger numbers of students have been asking us how the courses fit together. We think this stuff is all in the Photography Handbook, but then we would, wouldn’t we? The other week we took the opportunity to ask Michael freeman to set out […]

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Michael Freeman talks to Jose Navarro

José Navarro is a documentary photographer in the humanist tradition, with an MA in the subject from the University of Wales, and OCA tutor. He works particularly on the relationships between people and their natural surroundings, and even more specifically in remote and inhospitable environments, such as Eqypt’s Western Desert, India’s Thar Desert, the Andean […]

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