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They Rule thumb

They Rule

I first came across the group of artists and designers called Futurefarmers at a conference at the University of Montreal in 2001. They were there to talk about the development of one of their projects called They Rule. A blend of internet software wizardry and journalistic enquiry that allowed users to explore who sat on […]

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Unwanted tourists? Just 'photoshop' them thumb

Unwanted tourists? Just 'photoshop' them

There is no doubt that the new release of Photoshop Elements (9) is a powerful tool that continues to bridge the gap between the consumer and the professional versions of the Photoshop software. What strikes me is the marketing language used in advertising this new release, and most importantly, the ethos behind it. This is […]

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Caught 'in the black' thumb

Caught 'in the black'

It seems that Stepan Rudik went a few steps too far when he submitted this photograph as part of a portfolio for this year’s World Press Photo Award. He was disqualified after it was found that he had digitally manipulated the image. The latest edition of the British Journal of Photography (BJP) magazine – which […]

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