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How do we start designing for what isn’t visible?

How do we start designing for what isn’t visible?  Interior design as an industry is notorious for not providing fully-considered spaces for individuals with disabilities. Spaces may be compliant with regulations, but it might be that ramps aren’t conveniently located or even that only a ramp is provided when some people with disabilities are actually […]

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Interior Design and the use of model-making.

As a way of exploring the use of model-making in Interior Design Tutor Mike Fairbrass – a very experienced professional model maker, and Programme Leader Catherine Byrne – a spatial designer, have had a conversation about their own experiences of the uses of model-making in spatial design.

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New Programme Leader: Introducing Catherine Byrne

As the new programme leader for the OCA Interior Design course I’d like to give you a bit of background to my own education and career, and also a little insight in to what you can expect from the course – as a student of Interior Design at the OCA.

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Are you ready to become a spatial dreamer?

If you think interior design is just about choosing fabrics and collecting colour charts, think again. The newest degree to join our expanding range of courses, the Interior Design degree is not an architecture course, nor is it ‘cushions and curtains’ – it sits somewhere between the two.

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Anyone can cook

You will each have your own places that give you happy memories. We want to tap into that potential within each of us by providing opportunities to engage in design practice and to learn design through new programmes at the Open College of the Arts. I’m very excited to announce that the first of these is now ready – we have a foundation in Interior Design which you can sign up for from today.

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New programme leader: Introducing Patti Crozier

As newly appointed programme leader for the OCA Interior Design course, I thought it appropriate that I introduced the new course and myself, and what better way to do that than via the brilliant WeAreOCA blog site!

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