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Erotic music thumb

Erotic music

There seems little doubt in my mind that the two major stimuli to the creative activity of our greatest composers are sex and death.  Perhaps they are linked; they are closely allied in the natural world. Plants not only devise remarkable methods of procreation, but can spring as vigorously from natural disasters and chemical warfare […]

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So what do the listeners make of it? thumb

So what do the listeners make of it?

A concert audience is a rather different creature now compared with what it once was, although it can give performers just as hard a time as reputedly in the 18th century.   It is not unusual for a singer in an Italian opera house to receive applause and shouts of ‘encore’ which, far from being flattering, […]

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Musical highlights of 2011 thumb

Musical highlights of 2011

Just before we turn off the lights and lock the door on 2011, here are the musical highlights – as chosen by members of the OCA music team. Duncan Druce:  For about a decade, each June, I’ve been spending a week (sometimes longer) in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, playing the violin at the English Haydn Festival. A […]

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