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The importance of drawings within my own textiles practice

The aim of this post is to share how I as a designer use drawings, as a way of developing my ideas and textiles work. I use critical thinking skills and an understanding of aesthetic values, to create initial sampling and more developed work. 

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OCA Textiles: Observational drawing as research

Observational drawing can be a great start to any project research. By observing and responding to a subject matter directly, qualities can literally be “drawn out” that you can use to develop into new ideas.  It is interesting to see the variety of different approaches there are to observational drawing.

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Experimenting to move forward

Experimentation is a very important part of the creative process. It is through trying different ways, mixing techniques, combining processes, challenging your thinking that we come up with unexpected and new outcomes, it is the way to move forward. I would like to share a few textile artists with you, that take experimentation very seriously, hoping that they inspire you.

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