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Documentary evidence and artistic expression. thumb

Documentary evidence and artistic expression.

Exhibition: Empire of Memory at ‘Temporary Contemporary’ Huddersfield, January 2019. As a photojournalist I grapple with a number of problems: can a realistic medium such as photography ever really show the underlying causes of social problems? A mechanical recording instrument has a limited capacity to convey a point of view, or express an author’s emotional […]

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New Brighton revisited thumb

New Brighton revisited

Join OCA tutor Derek Trillo on the 11 August at the Sailing School Gallery, New Brighton, Wallasey. This is a unique opportunity to view up close the rarely seen seminal – and controversial – work by this country’s best-known photographer, in the location where it was shot.

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Are we in a golden age for documentary? thumb

Are we in a golden age for documentary?

In my last post I focused on fiction. But in film culture that is only part of the story. Documentary has, from the very start of cinema and the moving image, been at the heart of film culture and a large part of the module is devoted to exploring the importance and influence of documentary in many of its forms.

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Interview with Rena Effendi. Her life as a photographer. thumb

Interview with Rena Effendi. Her life as a photographer.

Recently shortlisted for the Prix Pictet Photography prize for sustainability, currently on show at the Saatchi Gallery, Rena Effendi is showing her true colours to a wider audience.  Though she is not new to prestigious awards having won the Prince Claus Fund Award for Culture and Development in 2011, National Geographic  ’All Roads’ award in 2008 and […]

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Disposable photographs thumb

Disposable photographs

Toilet Paper is hardly an auspicious name for a photography magazine. Reflecting on the title of this new commercial and advertising magazine and the reasons why an editor would choose to imbue their publication with such clear derogatory connotations, I remembered what Eileen, a keen contributor to this blog, said to me at the Brighton […]

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