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Throwback Thursday:  The Big Draw thumb

Throwback Thursday: The Big Draw

For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re revisiting OCA’s first Big Draw online only event, which took place during the festival in October 2019.

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OCA creative challenges: Visual storytelling thumb

OCA creative challenges: Visual storytelling

This time we’re going to explore visual storytelling. Visual storytelling is a story or narrative told mainly through visual media. This could be video, animation, or illustration, and it’s usually accompanied with music, a narrator or graphics. 

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What if… thumb

What if…

What if … I can’t go outside to photograph. Below are some tips and suggestions of some aspects to explore and photographers to look at.  The list is by no means exhaustive, so please do add and share. Some courses/assignments are more dramatically impacted than others, so do talk to your tutor.  Use the forums to share and connect with other students. 

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OCA creative challenges: Introduction to stop motion animation. thumb

OCA creative challenges: Introduction to stop motion animation.

This is the first weekly workshop as part of OCA Creative Challenges campaign. Work your way through the slideshow below or download the PDF for later. This is a basic introduction suitable those looking for a new challenge or something to keep the kids entertained.

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Stay creative thumb

Stay creative

Choosing and continuing to be creative is a really important act of self-care.  Whether you write, draw, sew, sculpt, paint, photograph or play an instrument, you can improve your mental wellbeing.  Over the coming weeks OCA will post open, creative content that everyone can get involved in.

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Group work at OCA thumb

Group work at OCA

Based on student feedback, OCA has committed to introduce group work as a core teaching element by 2020-21. We envisage that all undergraduate students can expect access at least one session per course unit or annually, and group work will be offered in addition to existing one-to-one tuition.

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Study event review: Lisbon 2020 thumb

Study event review: Lisbon 2020

This study visit was a once in a life time opportunity to explore many works of art in their context and with the input of guides and tutors. However, much of the value of the trip lay in the conversations, particularly with tutors, around practice, research and the practicalities of getting your work out there .

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Enterprise enhancement scheme thumb

Enterprise enhancement scheme

Post-study success, however that looks for individual students, is a key ambition of OCA. We hope that our courses will provide you with valuable skills, but in addition to this we are developing initiatives to provide opportunities to network with peers, develop collaborative projects, and set up businesses. With this in mind, we are establishing a new Enterprise Enhancement Scheme, providing funding to students to engage in enterprise activity. 

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Student work: A 2020 Happening thumb

Student work: A 2020 Happening

We held our first Happening on 11 January in Paignton. We had 12 participants of whom 9 were OCA students from the OCA SW group, and 3 were local artists and one photographer. The focus was on cross-discipline collaboration among artists.

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Study visit live! Ruth Maclennan at Pushkin House. thumb

Study visit live! Ruth Maclennan at Pushkin House.

In association with Ruth Maclennan, BA Photography and OCA’s Arts & Environment series, Dan Robinson and Melissa Thompson will visit Ruth Maclennan’s study day at Pushkin House on 18 January, to help make this exhibition and event accessible to OCA students around the globe online.

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