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Student stories: RT Jane thumb

Student stories: RT Jane

Finally it confirms to me the importance of OCA’s role as a broker for latent creativity, as an agent to support and foster the creative drive in those of us from whom it is central to our well being, and may help us to express things that we have hung onto for years. 

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What is your tutor up to? Caroline Wright thumb

What is your tutor up to? Caroline Wright

OCA Programme Leader Caroline Wright is a contributor to an online conference on 19 November titled Eco-creativity 2021: Art, Music, Ritual and Global Climate Politics. It explores climate change and cultural change confluences, with particular interest in innovations in art, music and ritual.

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What is your tutor up to? Hayley Lock thumb

What is your tutor up to? Hayley Lock

It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of Confer – Karnac Art Space, located at Confer – Karnac (Karnac books) in Strype Street, London E1.

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Student stories: David McGuire thumb

Student stories: David McGuire

David McGuire is a Level Three painting student. He has recently had work exhibited in group shows organised by arts societies of which he is a member. In this short interview he speaks a little about that process and what it means for his wider practice.

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Student stories: Geraldine Leahy thumb

Student stories: Geraldine Leahy

OCA Painting student Geraldine Leahy successfully completed her Major Project this year and is now embarking on her final course – Sustaining Your Practice. Geraldine currently has work featured in an online publication as well as other platforms. Her Major Project tutor, Clare Wilson, asks her to discuss these opportunities and the of impact of getting work seen by a larger audience. 

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Student stories: Richard Montgomery thumb

Student stories: Richard Montgomery

It’s a small win, but one that will help my confidence in moving forward with my studies and towards writing a work of Strombolian dimensions. Who knows, I might even give this competition thing another go. Now where’s my chequebook?

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The importance of drawings within my own textiles practice thumb

The importance of drawings within my own textiles practice

The aim of this post is to share how I as a designer use drawings, as a way of developing my ideas and textiles work. I use critical thinking skills and an understanding of aesthetic values, to create initial sampling and more developed work. 

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OCA’s online degree showcase – Live! thumb

OCA’s online degree showcase – Live!

I am delighted to announce that our first ever degree showcase at OCA launches this week at https://showcase.oca.ac.uk/. Students from the Creative Arts, Creative Writing, Painting, Photography and Textiles undergraduate degrees are all represented and the work is absolutely stunning.

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Thinking about making and physical objects thumb

Thinking about making and physical objects

It’s important for us, as designers of space, to consider our projects three-dimensionally; to consider how our designed components come together to function spatially. A crucial method of exploring this is through the production of models and the assemblage of physical objects.

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