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“How proficient with Powerpoint are you? I Excel at that” thumb

“How proficient with Powerpoint are you? I Excel at that”

As an eighteen year old I took a degree in Environmental Sciences in no small part because I thought it would open up more doors for a potential future career than other options. On the flip side I’m losing count now of the number of people I know who started out in a particular field but are now doing a degree in order to move into a different sector.

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What’s your creative resolution? thumb

What’s your creative resolution?

For many, the New Year is a time to make resolutions. These often involve responding the excess of the Christmas holiday season to eat healthily or exercise more. This may have been the time of year that you first thought about signing up for your course with OCA. A new year with new plans and goals. We asked for some ideas for creative resolutions for 2018 to make it the most productive year.

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