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Produce, Re-use, Recycle… thumb

Produce, Re-use, Recycle…

In 2005 an 8 year old girl was told by a security guard to stop sketching Picasso and Matisse paintings as ‘they’re copyrighted’ (Jardin 2005). So what is a copy and how much new, creative work is required to term the work as ‘influenced by’, or an ‘homage’?  Is her version in a different medium a copy?

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Posting images post-digital thumb

Posting images post-digital

We all use – and therefore copy – artworks to illustrate our own research, but as we have seen taking and using these images is complicated. In this post I am using the primary source of artworks – galleries – as a case study to examine the post-digital shift in how copyright is thought of and applied.

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What has Hogarth ever done for the digital artist? thumb

What has Hogarth ever done for the digital artist?

The question of copyright is one that has recently perplexed the student forum: a tangle of legal, moral and financial issues. Creative talent occupies quite a rare position in society, one deemed worthy of automatic protection against duplication and exploitation. In a series of blog posts I will attempt to clarify three related issues: the capture of images that may infringe copyright, the use of other people’s images as illustrations and the appropriation and altering of artworks to produce ‘new’ work.

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Challenging art copyright thumb

Challenging art copyright

Jeff Koons, the pop artist known for making art objects from every day objects, has demanded that a shop in San Francisco stops selling book-ends that look like balloon dogs. This is because once he made art out of such objects. The logical extension of his objection is that anyone who makes or sells a […]

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