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Writing for New Instruments thumb

Writing for New Instruments

One of the most fulfilling experiences available to composers is the opportunity to collaborate with designers of new musical instruments, composing new music to practically test their characteristics and to help develop the instruments and repertoire further. The processes involved with research and development are as beneficial to the composer as they are to the […]

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Doing things differently thumb

Doing things differently

During a recent conversation with colleagues, chatting about compositional process, it dawned on me that as creators we all have very unique and personal ways of working. Whilst finding a comfortable and productive creative method is a great benefit, it is perhaps all too easy to slip into continually using the same approach and potentially […]

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Finding New Paths – Part 2 thumb

Finding New Paths – Part 2

Following on from my previous blog post about using music technology to develop compositional skills and provide performance, I wanted to take a look at the situation from a slightly different angle. Composers with instrumentalist friends, or who can find or form ensembles to work with, can get works played, even if just to hear […]

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Getting your works performed Part 2: 11 Golden Rules of submitting your work to performers thumb

Getting your works performed Part 2: 11 Golden Rules of submitting your work to performers

In Part 1, I mentioned some of the ways a composer can get their music heard.  In this article, I want to highlight the 11 Golden Rules of submitting your work to performers, either through a Call for Scores or as an unsolicited approach. My ensemble, rarescale, has an open Call for Scores, and I […]

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It's all about pathos thumb

It's all about pathos

Does a composer write his or her best music at a time of joy, tragedy or tranquillity? There are persuasive cases to be made for all three. Indeed we should probably add a fourth option i.e. none of the above as there are plenty of composers who seemed able to turn out wonderful music on […]

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