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The old chestnuts thumb

The old chestnuts

This is a post from the weareoca.com archive. Information contained within it may now be out of date.   Music is a very significant part of the Christmas season, even for those who do not categorize themselves as major musical enthusiasts, and there is always a considerable number of people filing into churches, chapels and […]

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The True Subtlety of Music thumb

The True Subtlety of Music

If, as many history text books direct us to, we believe that tonality lay down and died between the great 20th century wars, then we have to resign ourselves to having lost not only a vital organ in the apparatus of the musical body without which longer term survival is unlikely, but we are also […]

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So what do the listeners make of it? thumb

So what do the listeners make of it?

A concert audience is a rather different creature now compared with what it once was, although it can give performers just as hard a time as reputedly in the 18th century.   It is not unusual for a singer in an Italian opera house to receive applause and shouts of ‘encore’ which, far from being flattering, […]

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World premiere of 13 flute pieces by OCA students thumb

World premiere of 13 flute pieces by OCA students

It was a great honour to be invited to lead the first OCA Music Workshop on 12th November. The day focused on compositions for solo flute, and students were asked to submit short pieces which would be discussed during the workshop. A fantastic group of 16 music students descended upon the OCA’s Head Office in […]

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Now where did I leave my glasses? thumb

Now where did I leave my glasses?

My reputation as a cool dude when playing jazz (pause for ironic jeers) has taken a bit of a hammering recently as I’ve had to start wearing middle distance glasses in order to see the charts. My optician tells me I’ll soon be needing multifocal lenses. Which brings me to Random Fact Number 742… In […]

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