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Assessment Reflection with Barbara Henderson thumb

Assessment Reflection with Barbara Henderson

A long time ago… Back in autumn 2019 – which feels like a galaxy far, far away – OCA first piloted online submissions for the Creative Writing degree.  It made sense: writers are used to submitting work electronically, for competitions and to agents or publishers. Very few organisations expect hard copies of writing work these […]

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Presenting student work: Ruth Venables yarn collection for A Textiles Vocabulary thumb

Presenting student work: Ruth Venables yarn collection for A Textiles Vocabulary

What makes this particular student’s yarns so exciting is that she has clearly been inspired and demonstrates so well that she has been stimulated by her source material. Whether this is her secondary research in the form of a medieval artwork or her primary research in the colour studies of glass vessels, there are clear links and reference points between her work and its creative source.

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Textiles: Presentation for assessment thumb

Textiles: Presentation for assessment

This simple presentation meant the samples were easy for assessors to go through; the logic of the development was clear and any collections of samples were grouped together, either on one sheet or on a series of sheets.

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Assessment results: news thumb

Assessment results: news

OCA is making an important change to the communication of assessment results. Its good news: you will get your provisional marks from assessment earlier than previously. In agreement with the OCA student association (OCASA), provisional results from the next assessment event (which runs at OCA from 6th to 22nd November), will be published online, on […]

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The Series thumb

The Series

As a charity one of the underpinning principles for the OCA is widening access to arts education to those who might otherwise be unable to benefit from it. In this slideshow Jane Horton talks about Kenneth Brown, OCA painting student whose work for the course Your Own Exhibition is called The Series. Jane was interviewed […]

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