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Starting a new course. Part 2.

Having a book with me for any odd time in the day where I can do some course reading.

One book I found really useful for helping me get my brain into gear was Art Crits: 20 Questions (Sarah Rowles., 2013). In this book, a range of Higher and Further Education lecturers and tutors talk about the role of crits within art and design education. I found the book very helpful for when I was thinking about the work I wanted to make, and how it might be communicated to an audience. This is really important when you are working on a distance learning course, as you are often having to communicate work through photographs, blog posts or in email contact with your tutors.

My last piece of advice is to make use of a diary. Whilst this may sound simple, and perhaps you already use one, it was truly amazing to me when I started planning out the time I had to work on my own creative projects, and where this could fit in with the rest of my life. I often tend to think I have more time than I realistically do, so using a diary has been instrumental with me feeling in control of my workload and maximising the opportunities I have to read or make practical work. It also helps keep me in check with my day-to-day admin (such as food shopping and doctors appointments).

What does your working routine look like to you? Where do you work best? Comment below or share photos of your own working environment or any tips you have found to be useful when starting a new course or unit of work.

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Sarah Rowles. (2013). Art Crits: 20 Questions – A Pocket Guide. Lancing: Q-Art London.

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