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Discussing and sharing the qualities of your work

This short film is an introduction to discussing and sharing the qualities of your work with your tutor. I do this by talking through some of my work using five key qualities: 

  1. Materials and techniques 
  2. Visual qualities 
  3. Physical qualities 
  4. Scale 
  5. Feelings 

Looking at and describing your work through these five lenses will help you communicate the physical value of your work. This can be done by either photographing the work with supporting text or making a short film like this or a combination of both. As I say in the film, we don’t expect you to do this really well straight away, it will take time to build both the technical and observation skills. You are also not expected to do this for all your work but to select key pieces that demonstrate important moments in your learning.  

For support there is the forum space to ask questions and share your experiences, your tutor who will give you feedback and myself. We are all feeling our way here so please keep in touch.  


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Posted by author: Rebecca Fairley
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One thought on “Discussing and sharing the qualities of your work

  • Thank you Rebecca, this is very insightful to see how different pathways can be discussed with your tutor. I can see how the five key points can be used across other disciplines quite easily. As you said, we are probably doing this anyway, but I never thought to categorise the way I organise my thoughts in this way. Definitely something I’m going to do in the future. Very useful video.

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