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Virtual study event: A little magic

Join artist and OCA Tutor Hayley Lock for

A little magic…

These are challenging times. How we communicate, how we look at one another, and how we perceive our everyday surroundings are radically shifting from day to day. While reality is very much an external landscape for our bodies and senses, the imagination can be seen as an internal landscape for our minds and thoughts. A limitless realm, the imagination is a space for us to think freely about the outside world and create a new reality inside of us. 

Whatever is your new reality, the OCA London group and Hayley Lock invite you to be part of a workshop that introduces, elevates and expands on new ways of thinking and working by offering new insights into the imaginative processes sustained by artists, by introducing wider reading, as well as support you through introducing imagination into your own making. Come along (in the virtual sense) and join Hayley in bringing together forms of escape with imaginative vigour and perhaps even inject a little magic as a way to reflect on our current altered experiences. 

The workshop is open to OCA students at all levels and from any discipline. 

It will start at 10am on Saturday 6 June and will run through to lunchtime with a follow-up session in around a month’s time.

Meeting ID: 846 0288 9955

Password: 104035

Student collaboration will be encouraged and posted on the workshop Padlet: 

For more information contact Helen Rosemier or Helen Carver

Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure the tech is working for you. 

Everyone is warmly welcome. 

Image credit: OCA student Helen Rosemier

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Posted by author: Hayley Lock
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5 thoughts on “Virtual study event: A little magic

  • Can foundations students join it? It seems that the padlet is not accessible for them. I’m Foundations Textiles student.

    • Hi Ange, sorry for the delayed response! No need to book a place – just turn up. Please check the Padlet beforehand as there is a little prep required. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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