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Student work: Jane Murdock - The Open College of the Arts
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Student work: Jane Murdock thumb

Student work: Jane Murdock

I am very pleased to be sharing with you the work of BA Textiles student Jane Murdock, who has just completed and had assessed her work for Textiles 2: Contemporary Practice. 

Jane’s work comes from an interest in decay and dilapidation, she develops her understanding of these themes through two projects in the course unit, the first based in material exploration and the second sustainability.  This video is one of 4 that Jane made for assessment where she explains how she has met the learning outcomes. She does this by discussing several aspects of her work including; her use of materials, techniques and colour, her understanding of the aesthetic qualities of the work and her responses to formative feedback. Jane expertly uses her textile sampling to show her assessor where to look and how she has come to her creative decisions. 

For more information about Jane’s interesting work please visit her learning log https://janemurdockcontemporarypractice.home.blog/home/

Jane’s YouTube channel link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJuyVWXM_v0

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Posted by author: Rebecca Fairley
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3 thoughts on “Student work: Jane Murdock

  • Thank you, Jane, this is a really clear presentation of your work. It’s very easy for the viewer to see how you worked and what you intended with the pieces.

  • Excellent work Jane! I’ve enjoyed your work over the years and love how your third piece links from your mask series in earlier courses.

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