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Student work: Bryn Davies, Photography thumb

Student work: Bryn Davies, Photography

Over the coming weeks various WeAreOCA posts will relate to possible approaches to digital assessment. Here one student was ahead of the current crisis, OCA  Level 3 (HE6) Photography student Bryn Davies shares his final Sustaining Your Practice work.

B: Before the recent global crisis began I developed a way forward for a digital-only submission of my publication. It is a short film documentary of my site-specific photography. It is publicly released today on Vimeo.

D: Thanks so much for sharing this – a great to start our series to support adapting to likely digital assessment, and all the better coming from a student perspective. The video really speaks for itself.

J: It’s a captivating piece of work. I’m really interested to hear about your process and how you came to this resolution and then the notion of the online private view

B: The idea of the online private view was a spontaneous thing. As the Covid-19 outbreak was escalating I decided to keep promoting my release date of 20.03.20, but I uploaded the video early and started inviting peers and my feedback network so to begin collating feedback for the final assignment. As a digital approach to what is normally a social event it has ended up working out really well.

Find out more about Bryn’s work here:


B: Bryn, D: Dan Robinson, J: Joanne Mulvihill-Allen

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