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Student review: The Grosvenor Quilt Show, January 2020.

I’m Carol, a mum of 3 children aged 30,25 and 22 , not so young now. I have 2 small businesses, my main being a sports massage therapist and my newest venture is making memory bears cushions and quilts.

I was looking for a textile/ sewing course to enhance my work and cane across the OCA. I read the course description and the reviews and then applied for level 1 textiles. I have just submitted my first assessment and this is my first blog.

I have attended this show a few times now. I started quilting last year, along with making memory bears, cushions and crocheting animals and blankets.

I did needle work at school many years ago at O’Level and have always loved to sew, but with 3 children and work it became hard work. I took sewing back up last July 2019 when my daughter got married, she wanted me to make Memory bears from her wedding dress, which I did. However I also made a small quilt using some of her dress and some of the men’s ties. 

The Newark Quilt Show in January was not as big as last September. Less stalls but the quilts on display were amazing. The work which has gone into them is just out of this world.

Some of the stalls displayed quilts which they have made, these were excellent, and the quilting machines were fantastic, just exceptionally expensive.

Although I go to the shows to gain supplies and to network, my main attraction are the quilts. They range in design from bright bold square construction to diamond patterns, story telling collage and embroidered design. I did a class using fabrics and acrylic paint which was interesting but not something I will use I don’t think.

I love to attend these shows for ideas for my own work. The size of some of the projects is amazing and all the quilts in the main display quarter are hand sewn and some have taken 10-15 years to complete. 

The quilts give me ideas of colour matching, density, fabrics used, pattern and fluidity. I also like to see the threads they have used to enhance the images and patterns.

See an image of one of the quilts below. The range of colour used to demonstrate Autumn is beautiful, the block work, appliqué, are just amazing and the vast amount of hours within this work is incredible. 

Some of the quilts you are unable to photograph which is fine by me as the person who has made the quilt has put an immense amount of time and effort into them. 

The stalls have some great equipment on offer, great for networking and obtaining supplies. I found a great stall for obtaining natural Heirloom Wadding for inside the quilts. Its not too thick and unlike some it is made from cotton which gives a more luxurious feel to the completed quilt.

This show used to be held at Newark twice a year but from this year it is only going to be once a year. It is a shame but the wait will be worth while, and I cant wait to see more exceptional and inspiring quilts .

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Posted by author: Carol Miles
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