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Student stories: My quarantine diary

My name is Victoria, I’m 20 years old and currently studying Creative Arts at OCA. A few weeks ago I realised this scenario in which we are living right now is definitely going to be a mark in the history of our generation. That said, I figured it would be relevant to start registering my quarantine days here in Brazil (by making written and photographic records), as a way to preserve my experiences and memories. Besides, this was the method I found to keep myself busy and creative. 

I would also like to encourage other people to do the same and, perhaps, share some of their experiences dealing with the presence of COVID-19 in their region as well. That way, this project would work as sort of social/cultural study, which could help us getting in touch with people’s stories and struggles first hand, through a more genuine perspective – rather than just watching or reading the news. 

Well, I hope you can feel, at least a little bit, what life in quarantine is like here in the southern part of the world. I also hope you get to know our culture a little more through my diaries (and maybe you discover that people from different parts of the globe have more in common than you could imagine). 

At this point, I don’t think I need to remind you to stay home, if you have the privilege. But I am, of course, sending all the positive energy in the world, especially if you have someone close who’s been infected. 

With love, from Brazil! 

View my quarantine diaries on Padlet here and visit my blog here

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