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What is your tutor up to? Chapter 5: Les Monaghan

OCA Photography tutor Les Monaghan will be presenting research at the Money, Security and Social Policy Network launch event at the London School of Economics on 2 November.
On 8 November he will be running a workshop called ‘Ways of Looking: finding social haunting in contemporary documentary photography’ asking how photography can point to the unseen and the unheard, as part of the Songlines conference at the People’s History Museum, Manchester. Email Dr Sarah McNicol for a place – S.McNicol@mmu.ac.uk
He will be speaking at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery on 11 November at 2.30pm about the Current Conflicts exhibition he has organised. The day’s talk is entitled, ‘Photography was once part of the solution, now its part of the problem: Why we’ll keep having wars until photography shows us what war is really like…’
He will also speak at the Old Market in Brighton on the 28 November. The night will feature work that is socially and politically minded, and that has been created to educate and change. Les will speak about his ongoing project Relative Poverty which is being created with families in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, who have been defined as destitute.
OCA students are welcome.
Relative Poverty is touring Doncaster’s libraries until June 2018 and can currently be seen at Bawtry and Bessacarr Community Libraries until 17 November. A talk and discussion about the issues raised will take place at Bawtry Community Library at 10am on 17 November

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One thought on “What is your tutor up to? Chapter 5: Les Monaghan

  • On the one hand it’s really great to see you so busy Les, on the other hand…
    I remember very distinctly the study visit to Watford some time ago, here – https://weareoca.com/subject/photography/study-visit-current-conflicts/ and how it altered my perspective on what photography might and might not accomplish and by implication documentary. It came back to me recently watching the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick excellent documentary series “The Vietnam War” – here’s an interesting review https://www.lrb.co.uk/v39/n18/david-thomson/merely-an-empire . Their work was littered with iconic imagery in an era that we were informed altered the relationship between power and people, although I wonder now considering the duplicity and traitorous actions of American Presidents from Kennedy to Nixon. And how it then seemed to provide legitimacy for Blair and others in more contemporary times.

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