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Study Visit: Martin Parr - The Open College of the Arts
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Study Visit: Martin Parr

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Prolific, successful, influential, over-rated? Parr is perhaps the leading British photographer. He is distinctive, eclectic and controversial but, love him or hate him, he’s been hugely influential and is impossible to ignore.
Join tutor Derek Trillo on the 12 March at the Hepworth Wakefield which according to the Independent is “one of the finest contemporary art museums in Europe”
We will visit The Rhubarb Triangle and Other Stories: A commissioned exhibition of the local rhubarb industry alongside a comprehensive overview of Martin Parr’s work will be shown, from early Yorkshire-based black and white photographs of rural communities to his recent international examinations of consumerism. Drawing on the implicit themes of labour and leisure present in the new Rhubarb Triangle commission, the exhibition brings together photographs from multiple series and commissions to address contemporary global networks of industry and consumption. Key series to be exhibited include: The Non-Conformists, 1975-80; The Last Resort, 1983-85; The Cost of Living, 1989; Autoportrait, 1991-2012 and Common Sense, 1995-99.
Derek will provide some links to recommended leading material prior to the visit to give food for thought when viewing the exhibitions, and to provide topics for an informal discussion with other students afterwards. Your thoughts and the discussions can then be reflected on in your learning logs.
One not to be missed, you can reserve your place by emailing enquiries@oca.ac.uk
Please see the Joining Instructions here

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