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Student stories: Jonathan Lamb & David Fletcher thumb

Student stories: Jonathan Lamb & David Fletcher

Silicy Photo Masterclass 2020 with Mimi Mollica and Martin Parr

Two OCA students had the chance to take part in a course with photographer Mimi Mollica at his farmhouse in Sicily recently.  The week started with portfolio reviews with Mimi and Martin Parr.

Martin Parr and Mimi Mollica review the work of OCA Student Jonathan Lamb. Photograph by OCA Student David Fletcher

The main part of the course was spent photographing towns in the Belice Valley that had been devastated by the 1968 earthquake.   Residents were relocated to new and experimental brutalist settlements often miles away from their original settlements in both distance and style.

After a briefing photographers were encouraged to create their own vision of these broken communities, contributing to a joint project called Fracture that Mollica has been running for a number of years.

Photograph by OCA Student David Fletcher

The course finished with an intense final two days of editing, selection and sequencing with help from both Mimi and Martin Parr.

Mimi Mollica is an award winning photographer, born in Palermo – Sicily in 1975. His photo essays deal with social issues and topics related to identity, environment, migration and macroscopic human transitions. Mimi has previously worked with the Thames Valley regional OCA group providing portfolio reviews.  

Since 2011 Mimi runs his innovative series of online and physical workshops on visual story-telling, focussing on developing the photographers ability to conceive, produce and package a photo essay of their choice.

In early 2015 Mimi founded the Photo Meet, an organisation aimed at celebrating photography through a series of events such as the Offspring Photo Meet which include portfolio reviews, lectures, networking, presentations and much more.


Read more on Jonathan’s blog here https://documentary515050.wordpress.com/2020/09/30/sicily-photo-masterclass-2020/ and

David’s here https://davidfletcherocasyp.com/2020/09/17/sicily-workshop-and-portfolio-reviews/

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