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Scrap Book?

Dewald Botha will be a student who is familiar many readers of WeAreOCA since his interview by Michael Freeman a year ago. Since then he has completed the People and Place course and sent us this video of his scrap book for the course. Of course, scrappy is the one thing it isn’t and we know students like seeing the work of other students so we thought we would show it to you.
If you are in the mood for another, don’t miss this post from about 18 months ago where Jose talks about Rob Brisco‘s learning log.

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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14 thoughts on “Scrap Book?

  • Anne… I was aware of how the material changed through the module, since it pretty much links with what was important to me at the time of doing that part of the module.
    But interesting you would pick up on that…. made me look at it a little different now.
    Catherine, I’ve just finished doing the same video for my Landscape scrapbook, my material is just about ready to go in the post for assessment, sadly not as much, or as directly content-related material as the PaP Scrapbook.
    I found these little books become really valuable, and it is one thing I can not see myself studying without. I’ve even got my dear mom working on one for her painting.

  • This one, as others have too, look beautiful possessions in their own right…I can imagine they are wonderful things to build up and look back on. I have tried to ‘scrapbook’ a few times, but it doesn’t seem to work for me, not sure why. Hey ho, I can enjoy admiring yours and Rob’s instead!

  • Wow, Dewald!
    I definitely want to make something like this work and I am pretty certain, God may allow it, that I will take up People&Place.
    Amazing work, well done!

  • Huge variety of visual imagery here. Great work….I really like the way this is clearly a working document with the handwritten notes etc….The idea of a video of the scrapbook is an interesting way to share what is a one off document.

  • Very inspirational – looks like a great working document Dewald. As Penny has said, I think these will be great things to look back on in years to come, more than just a record of your work. Great to hear that your Mum has caught the bug too!

  • I’m continually amazed at the originality & resourcefulness of OCA students. Seeing this has given me something to aspire to.

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