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celebrate (v.)

“to perform publicly with appropriate rites,” general sense of “commemorate or honour”.

(Online Etymology Dictionary)

For the last ‘Expressing Your Vision’ groupwork session we decided to try something a little bit different and invited all EYVers from March assessment to share the best of their submissions with their fellow students. The idea was more for a celebration than a crit, but with such a creatively diverse set of assignments there were plenty of questions to be asked and the session naturally developed into a wide ranging discussion on different aspects of the course and photography in general. 

Photograph Sarah Hibbert. “EYV has absolutely made me look at myself and made me consider the person I am”

Photograph Sarah Hibbert.  “EYV has absolutely made me look at myself and made me consider the person I am”

Out of a total of six EYV assessed students, Kathy, Lee, Sarah and Alex were able to join us. You can see their work on the recording of the meetup on OCA Learn here: 


“It’s amazing how this course is pushing me to look inside.”

All in all the meeting was well received and I’d very much like to see us make a regular thing of it after each assessment event. It’s not a matter of just celebrating high grades – personally I didn’t get going at college until the start of my third year when I switched from ceramics to photography.

It’s important to remember that completing a distance learning course in itself is a considerable achievement. Assessment is a feedback point to help you on your way and support you to develop awareness around your learning and progress. If you can locate your progression (it will be there) that’s even better. Best of all is celebrating your success and sharing reflections with fellow students and tutors to mark the end of one unit and prepare yourself for the next.

“Sarah’s work particularly gave me goosebumps and truly touched me emotionally. As a person who has struggled with mental health issues all my life I found this artwork just spectacular and thank you for sharing”. (Anthony Kendall)

Kathy Roddy Assignment 4

Lee Abbey Assignment 4

Sarah Hibbert Assignment 2

Alex Cherry Assignment 4

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