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Bristol Photography Festival

We had been keeping an eye on this festival for a while and had thought that we would give it a miss for a study visit. However, when we saw the programme we knew we simply had to squeeze it into the schedule. In order to give students the maximum notice we have decided to go for the final day of the festival, Thursday 31 May. Jesse Alexander and I will host the visit from 11am to 3pm, and we will probably visit three locations. We will start at the Philadelphia Street Gallery which will be showing Radio Days by Paolo Woods.
The festival programme describes this exhibition as follows:
More than 50% of Haitians are illiterate and only 25% have regular access to electricity. But 97% of the population own a radio, and they all listen to it, all the time. Since the 1960s Haitians have used radio as a political tool, and a public service; when the cholera epidemic broke out in 2010, radios bombarded listeners with instructions on avoiding the deadly disease and getting help for their sick. Low setup costs have made broadcasting widely accessible, closely mirroring society in almost all its political, religious, and social variations. Paolo Woods documents the voices of Haitian radio, highlighting it’s importance as both a form of entertainment and a crucial method of communication.
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Image Β© Paolo Woods

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