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A (virtual) study visit with interview and Q&A - The Open College of the Arts
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A (virtual) study visit with interview and Q&A thumb

A (virtual) study visit with interview and Q&A

A tour of the project Climacteric with OCA student Jane Weinmann

In a live discussion, final year photography student Jane Weinman and OCA tutor Derek Trillo will talk about the strategies and approaches Jane used to develop her major project.  

The focus will be on topics that students at any level might encounter, with specific advice about managing projects, embracing experimentation and channelling creativity. 

Illustrating a largely invisible range of physical and emotional phenomena via a visual medium was a significant challenge. To express her own experiences and those of other women, Jane explored different approaches through research and experimentation finally bringing together the multiple strands of the project into a unified whole. Now at the end of her degree Jane is able to reflect back on the process with hindsight.

After the discussion there will be a Q and A session where Jane will respond to questions that students can post as comments during the session. The ‘visit’ will be recorded as a legacy for future students and those unable to join us on the day. 

During the study visit aspects of Jane’s work will be investigated that illustrate the following:

  • How her self-directed brief was frequently revised so that it became increasingly well-defined.  
  • Why choosing a topic that didn’t already have other examples by other artists was ‘a blessing, disguised as a curse’.
  • How primary research (a survey) informed the practice, from inspiring image-making, through to its use in the final exhibition.
  • How being open to external sources across many different media helped to diversify the content and provide inspirations.
  • The value of other people’s feedback: its influence on the resolution of the final work
  • The importance to the project of including (seemingly) non-serious elements, to draw in the viewer and hold their attention.
  • The use of colour: either subtle, or overt, to direct the gaze and suggest emotional content.
  • How the virtual and actual exhibitions were planned, using different strategies to communicate ideas to the viewer.
  • How Jane’s collaborations with organisations initiated a dialogue leading to very different approach to eventual publication. 





The Climacteric: in conversation

Student Jane Weinman and tutor Derek Trillo

Sun, 21 February 2021, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT | Eventbrite sign up


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