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52 weeks of OCA in The Big Issue in the North
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52 weeks of OCA in The Big Issue in the North thumb

52 weeks of OCA in The Big Issue in the North

© Ben Robinson 2011

That’s a whole year, during which OCA students have been submitting their work to The Big Issue in the North (BITN).
Ben Robinson was the first student contributing to the partnership in 2011. His photograph of Sheffield-based singer-songwriter Gibson set the high standards that subsequent submissions have upheld. Ben, who produced the images while working on an assignment for the Level 1 course Digital Photography Practice, had originally been asked by his friend to take some photographs of him for an album cover.  By combining OCA study work with a real-life assignment, Ben developed a portfolio of images which were strong enough to capture the attention of the BITN editor.
A whole year of photography in the BITN saw OCA students focusing on an eclectic range of topics, from the royal wedding to urban regeneration to the World Gurning Championships. OCA students were there capturing their vision of the world with their cameras.
52 weeks after Ben’s image was published, OCA student Keith Greenough renews the OCA/BITN partnership with a captivating self-portrait project. Informed by a documentary tradition of portraiture, Keith’s compelling work is  technically and conceptually accomplished. Kevin Gopal, the editor of the BITN, emphatically defined Keith’s portfolio as “a cracker”. Economy of words works well in editorial; that’s the kind of impression that any professional photographer always hopes to make.
© Keith Greenough 2012

You can download tear sheets of the 52 pages of the BITN with photographs taken by OCA students from the oca-student site. More than 40 students have contributed to the partnership so far. If you are inspired by their work and would like to take part you can upload your photographs to OCA’s Flickr group; we are now selecting work directly from the group. You can also contact Elizabeth Underwood for more details.

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