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Student stories: Wendy Healey - The Open College of the Arts
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Student stories: Wendy Healey thumb

Student stories: Wendy Healey

OCA students and tutors from all disciplines are invited to final year student Wendy Healey’s forthcoming exhibition to explore the fascinating world of the in-between.

Direct Art Action UK (DAA) Gallery based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham will be showcasing her BA (Hons) Painting Degree Exhibition In-between. 

Wendy lives and works in Herefordshire and her tactile making responds to her landscape. Early sensory connections to her birthplace Vancouver Canada located between the ocean and mountains and memories of a feral childhood in the Midlands countryside, permeates her practice. Her experience and understanding of child psychotherapy informs her making, uncovering the conscious and unconscious interplay between our internal and external worlds. 

She intuitively responds to the rhythm of natural and manufactured materials collected from her surroundings. Through her making they emit an energy and life of their own. Her non-binary forms and non- forms retain a fragility and resilience that reflects the dichotomy of being human, our environment and what shapes our identity. Simultaneously her sculptural work can attract and repel, exposing the viewer to what is often culturally hidden- physical and psychological aspects of ourselves.

Wendy’s body of work encourages the viewer to reflect and be part of an interactive process that explores our internal and external landscape.

Everyone welcome.

Venue: Direct Art Action U.K. (DAA)

Address: The Gracechurch Centre, 210a Parade, (old bhs store), Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham B72 1PA. www.directartactionuk.com 

Exhibition Run: Thursday 28 April- Saturday 14 May 2022

Opening: Thursday-Saturday 10am- 5pm

RSVP wendy.healey@mail.com

Website : https://www.wendystudio.co.uk

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