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Student Exhibition – Alistair McIntyre

As programme leader for painting and drawing I have been encouraging students on both pathways to get their work out into the world. At level 3 this is a crucial tenet of the course units but it is never too soon to start, and exhibiting regularly is an excellent motivator for artists as we often work in isolation.

OCA student Alistair McIntyre is just embarking on his level 2 study and has an exhibition at Oliver’s Coffee House in Edinburgh which is largely his level one work.

Alistair was a painter before joining OCA but he has been learning new approaches and understanding more of his motivations since studying with us. He also has a really strong and engaging painterly identity and his work often evokes a striking mood even in quite simple subject matter and delivery.

Alistair gives a lot back to his community and has a passion for the fishing villages of the Lothians. Exhibiting the work here in Edinburgh has given his community a chance to share in his magical and intense connection with a particular narrative around the shore through his colourful, double edged paintings.

Alistair is a founder member of the revitalised Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders regional group so if you live in that area, do check out and find the date of their next meeting.

Alistair’s work is at Oliver’s Coffee Shop 1 Montagu Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5QX

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