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OCA Student Association Role Vacancies

OCASA role vacancies – Be part of making a difference to the student experience ………. 

Could you be a student rep? 

All OCA students new and old are invited to stand for any of the Student Association Rep  roles currently available, these are listed below. 

You don’t have to be an expert – just interested, with a desire to listen to fellow students  and make a difference to the student experience. Being a rep will be an integral part of your  time with OCA.  

OCASA role vacancies: 

Lead Rep 

The Lead Rep will act as the main, but not exclusive, point of contact with OCA. They will attend relative meetings either online or in person with OCA and they will lead on organising Student Association meetings. 

There are two rep positions for each of the following roles. For some of the roles we already have one person in place and are seeking a second person. If you feel that you don’t have enough time to fulfil a position, please feel free to make a joint application to share the position with somebody else.

Diversity/Inclusivity Rep (one open position) 

The Diversity and Inclusivity Reps will help ensure there is parity of opportunity for all  students. They will help raise awareness using the #WeareOCA blog space and consider how  to decolonise and diversify the curriculum in a culturally sensitive way.  

Environment and Sustainability Rep (one open position) 

The Environment and Sustainability Reps will work with OCA and students to promote better  working practices and glean information on how we can make a difference in the current  climate crisis. They will use the #WeAreOCA blog space as a place to vocalise concerns and  opportunities. 

Finance Rep (two open positions) 

The Finance Reps will act in support of student interests in areas of fees, finance and  ensuring value for money. Management of the Students Association’s budget in  collaboration with the OCA accounts team.

International Rep (two open positions) 

The International Reps will represent students outside of the UK and ensure their voices are  heard.  

Social & Communications Rep (one open position) 

The Social & Communications Reps will work with the Lead Rep and OCA Associate to  coordinate communications for informal and formal meetings. They will maintain a  presence on the relevant area of the Discuss forum and social media. They will help  

administer study events working with the OCA Associate. They will help coordinate the end  of year annual event – OCA Yearbook 

18-35 Rep (two open positions) 

The 18-35 Reps will be responsible for supporting the needs of the younger age demographic  of distance learning students at OCA 

OCA Studies Rep (two open positions) 

The OCA Studies Reps will help disseminate changes and developments regarding courses  and studying with OCA. They will point students in the direction of help for course specific  queries either to OCA HQ or the relevant programme leader/unit leader. They will work closing with all Programme Leaders, to connect them with students so that course  development can be as student-focussed as possible, using feedback from students to  improve new and existing courses. They will also work with the Social & Communications  Rep to ensure students are aware of changes for example timeframes, policies and the  removal or addition of units. 

Nominations for election to office can be made by any member of the student  association themselves, or by others with the permission of the nominee. 

To register your interest and/or make a nomination,  EMAIL [email protected] 

If you are interested in more than one role please add these in order of preference (upto a  maximum of 3 roles) 

ALL Nominations/expressions of interest must be accompanied with: 

  • An election statement of no more than 250 words;
  • A biographical background of no more than 250 words.

Closing date for nominations: midnight Friday 15 January 2021 

Further information 

What does becoming and being a Student Association Representative entail? 

  • Student Association representatives will prepare a profile for the relevant area for the OCA Discuss forum. 
  • As a Representative you will act as ambassadors for OCA and the best interests of  students. 
  • Representatives will commit to writing at least one blog post for #WeAreOCA  introducing themselves and their role. Some roles will require more of a presence on  this site and is a great opportunity for students to write about the issues that matter. 
  • Representatives will agree to make themselves available on the OCA Discuss forum  at a fixed time every quarter within the academic year to ‘chat’ with students and  collate questions and concerns regarding their given role area. 
  • Representatives will meet with the rest of the Student Association online four times  within the academic year. There is the potential for one of these to be a physical  meet should circumstances allow. 
  • Representatives can be in the role for two years before standing down.  

If there is a sole nomination for a single position then that student (or pair of students in the case of a joint application) will be automatically appointed. If there is more than one candidate, a student election will be held on the OCA Discuss forum via an anonymous poll within a given timeframe.

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