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Chris Lawry has represented Music Students on the OCASA Committee since the Student Association was set up last Autumn.  Having now completed his studies with OCA, he is stepping down from the role.  I’m sure that everyone would want to join me, and the committee, in saying a big ‘Thanks’ to Chris for getting involved and helping to get things off the ground, and to wish him well for the future.
This does mean, of course, that we will need to find a replacement.  There will be an announcement of an election, on this blog, within the next day or two, so music students please take note.  In broad terms, the role of a subject representative involves:

  • Attending OCASA Committee Meetings, of which there are at least four per year but not usually more than six.  The meetings are at OCA HQ in Barnsley, but remote attendance via the Internet is possible.
  • Acting as a point of contact for music students, taking their views and comments, and representing them to the committee and directly to OCA. The contact might be by e-mail or through the discussions in the student forum – or indeed, directly at a workshop or study visit, for instance.
  • Contributing generally to the development of OCASA and to its overall remit of representing the voice of the student body as a whole.

I would be happy to answer any queries on president@ocasa.org.uk and I am sure that Chris, likewise, will be prepared to give you more background, if you wish, on music@ocasa.org.uk.
In the meantime, also look out for the official election announcement from OCA.
Stan Dickinson, President, OCA Student Association

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