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New Music course launched

The Leningrad Symphony, Conducted by Yevgeny Mravinsky, Lev Alexandrovich Russov

We are delighted to announce the launch of our exciting new music course, entitled Music 1: From the Present to the Past, developed for us by OCA tutor Carla Rees. This course starts with the present day, including contemporary ‘classical’ composers, film and world music, and works backwards, focusing on how one generation has influenced another. Students are not required to have any formal qualifications, instrumental expertise or prior knowledge of music theory. It is targeted at all those with an interest in classical music and who want to develop a deeper understanding of composers, their context, repertoire, and instruments. For more information, click here: Music 1: From Present to the Past or contact the Operations Team and ask for a sample from the course.
As a special bonus this year, we are offering free access to an online music theory course. This is entirely optional but provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about theory, especially from a popular music or jazz perspective. For more information about this optional extra, see:

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