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Transfers to the Fine Art degree

Back in October we announced that we were adding a Fine Art degree to the degree choices open to students at the OCA. We also said that it would be possible for some existing students, particularly those at level 1 to transfer to this degree. This post aims to set out more detail on the Fine Art transfers.
The essential point to make is that we believe that a serious approach to Fine Art practice requires both the development of a high standard of drawing and an understanding of theory. And central to theory is an appreciation of modernism including the factors influential in its rise and subsequent challenge. Accordingly, we have made two courses mandatory; Drawing 1 and Understanding Visual Culture. These two courses can be studied in either order, or concurrently.
What this means for existing students is that only those who have yet to complete level 1 on the Painting degree will be able to transfer across to Fine Art. Students on the Painting degree who are on their first or second courses will need to ensure that they study Understanding Visual Culture before they complete the level.
Existing students who have yet to complete level 1 of the Creative Arts degree and who have already enrolled on the Creative Arts Today course before the end of 2015 will be able to count this course as equivalent to Understanding Visual Culture, provided their other courses are on the Fine Art pathway. The full Fine Art degree pathway is now available to view on the main OCA website here.
The degree transfer opportunities are summarised in the table below:
Fine Art degree transfer table
Up until now Understanding Visual Culture has been an elective course largely studied by Art History and Photography students, so we will be commissioning a rewrite of the course (to be introduced no later than 1 September). The rewritten course will provide a fuller introduction and contextualise more recent developments such as time based art. The existing course remains validated, but students may want to wait until the update is available.
Any student with questions about the opportunities to transfer to this new degree is advised to ring the office on 0800 731 2116 or email enquiries@oca.ac.uk
Image Credit: Emma Delpech, OCA student.

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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3 thoughts on “Transfers to the Fine Art degree

  • Thanks for the clarification on this Gareth. I am on my third level one course for Painting 1 and haven’t done UVC. I just wanted to clarify is there an option to take that course as a fourth level one course and either do it before starting or alongside level 2 courses?

  • Dear Sue,
    This may be an option for some students yes to pick up UVC and drop a previous unit, depending on the Level time they have remaining. I’m assuming that you have already studied the other compulsory unit, Drawing Skills.
    This would need to be done before progressing onto Level 2.
    It would be a good idea to contact the Student Services team so that your specific situation can be looked at and relevant advice provided.
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks for your reply Lia. I will call when I’m a bit further along in this course and I know what my plans are.
      Many Thanks & Best wishes,

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