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Torn umbrella

OCA textiles student Ailish Henderson, featured previously, has just closed her first solo show; Torn Umbrella. Coinciding with the exhibition the gallery asked a film crew to go to Ailish’s house and film her work.

Well done Ailish!

Posted by author: Joanne
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9 thoughts on “Torn umbrella

  • WOW!!! Congratulations Ailish!!!! Thats a fantastic insight into your work!!!! Been a great admirer for a long time!!! And your studio is to die for!!!! 😉

  • Gorgeous work! I especially enjoyed seeing your sketchbook and learning about how you develop your ideas. Congratulations on your exhibition and a very poigniant and thoughtful film.

  • Love your work Allish. It is so inspiring to learn a little about your process and your choice of materials. As you say you learned what you did like and what you didn’t. It is especially interesting to see how you have developed your own unique art voice and it continues into everything you do. That is one of the trickiest concepts as an artist to not only discover your voice, but to keep going with it. So pleased to hear you exhibited. Did you propose your entries of your work or were you invited?

  • Wonderful work – especially inspired by all the crossovers between disciplines/media and making art with what feels right to you and your vision – fantastic!

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