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The Series

As a charity one of the underpinning principles for the OCA is widening access to arts education to those who might otherwise be unable to benefit from it. In this slideshow Jane Horton talks about Kenneth Brown, OCA painting student whose work for the course Your Own Exhibition is called The Series.
Jane was interviewed by Paul Vincent. Audio and slideshow training provided by duckrabbit and funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

Posted by author: Genevieve Sioka
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8 thoughts on “The Series

  • This work by Kenneth Brown is very interesting in terms of it’s execution and reminds me of the eccentricity of a contemporary artist such as Charles Avery. What the work has in common with Avery is not so much transparency as restatement. Restatement is a very powerful tool in drawing and this student is drawing with paint. The thin layers show the restatements but also build up a series of layers of experience. The experience of the institution laid out as a type of palimpsest – layers of memory rather like the lines that trace the life of a tree on a tree stump.

  • its so beautiful and utterly touching …so well spottted and an inspiration that these people can be found and seen and do not go unnoticed .. thought, dedication and time prevails.

  • You really have to see these pictures on the page to feel their full force but I think Jane does a brilliant job of getting across why they have such impact.
    The back story to this though is about how art can get at those intangible truths about our lives.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • As an OCA student working at level 5, fantastic to see work on the next level. Inspiring. Thought provoking. Interesting.
    Thank you Kenneth for letting us share in your work.
    Thank you OCA for working on producing more of these slideshows, it is so helpful to hear your comments about the work too.

    • There are more slideshows coming Sue – we think that they are better than video in showing student and tutor work – and thanks to training we have had from duckrabbit we think we know what we are doing. However this is a recognisable stage in the learning process so as we learn more we realise we don’t know what we are doing 🙂

  • When I look at them I see a questioning of reality which reminds me of the effects on one’s perception when suffering from depersonalisation. Actually I feel slightly disturbed by them – so they must be good.
    I would like to hear a bit more about the research the artist has done on other artists though.

  • Thanks anned – good point about the reseach on other artists – we are still learning how to use slideshows to best effect and have focused on the work including the appearance of the logbook rather than its contents – a learning point for the future!

  • I’m going back past my enrolment date to watch all these wonderful videos and this one has really caught my attention. Such a powerful body of work. I get the impression that Kenneth really believed in himself and really went for something very meaningful to himself. I guess if you are in a hospital you have a lot of time to think about existence, mortality and other such things. This work makes me less afraid of hospitals. Thank you Kenneth. 🙂

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