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The comfy chair v the torture chamber

OCA assessor Jim Unsworth reflects on the prosaic object, the chair. When is a chair not a chair? OCA level 3 student Margaret Hargreaves poses the question…

Posted by author: Jim
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2 thoughts on “The comfy chair v the torture chamber

  • I really love Margaret’s paintings! You are completely right Jim, in terms of physical subject matter, they are just chairs. However, through her treatment of them you come to think of them in fresh new ways.
    This may sound strange, but thinking of how much it seems we are all staying indoors and watching TV too much etc and basically repeating our behaviour incessantly rather than going outside and trying new things, the armchair painting seems to ask: ‘Yeah, we are physically comfortable, but is it mentally/spiritually good for us?’. I’ll now have to watch out for comfy chairs incase I become a prisoner!

  • What an interesting analogy of the everyday chair. I have never thought of the chair as being dark but only maybe some of the sitters in them and what dark secrets the chair must absorb from their thoughts, desires and actions. I shall, with this in mind look at the chair now in a ‘two fold’ way.

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