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Study Visit: Sonia Delaunay - The Open College of the Arts
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Study Visit: Sonia Delaunay thumb

Study Visit: Sonia Delaunay

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Sonia Delaunay Prismes electriques 1914

Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) is known primarily for her bold and vivid abstract paintings. She combined her technical understanding of colour theory with a unique and ambitious approach to composition.
Together with her husband Robert Delauney she founded the French avant-garde movement Orphism which aimed to express the idea that form and pure abstract colour could communicate meaning without the need for recognisable subject matter.
In the early part of her career, Delaunay also applied this interest in colour and form to the design world of textiles, fashion, stage costumes and tapestries.
‘For me there is no gap between my painting and my so-called ‘decorative’ work. I never considered the ‘minor arts’ to be artistically frustrating; on the contrary, it was an extension of my art’ (Sonia Delaunay)
Tate Modern is hosting the first UK retrospective of this influential artist and will be exploring her interdisciplinary legacy. It will feature her paintings and textiles as well as her collaborations with poets and choreographers.
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Sonia Delaunay Design 253 (detail) 1928-30

The Sonia Delaunay exhibition is on at Tate Modern London from April 15th until August 9th.
A study visit is planned on Sunday April 19th at 11.am with tutor Clare Wilson. This is a great opportunity for OCA students from different courses and disciplines to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas.
To reserve your place email enquiries@oca.ac.uk

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