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Sarah de Mattos

OCA tutor and assessor Bryan Eccleshall looks the work of BA (Hons) Painting student Sarah de Mattos. He examines her sketchbooks and the way she uses materials as a way of exploring marks. Sarah relates her work to other artists, merging this research and her research into materials in one succinct document.

Sarah de Mattos, Drawing 1 – Bryan Eccleshall from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo.

Posted by author: Alice Morris
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13 thoughts on “Sarah de Mattos

  • Congratulations Sarah on being featured in this way and also for producing an inspiration for other artists. There is genuine investigation and enquiry in your work and I am optimistic for the future of your studies. Well done

    • Thank you so much Aidy …… I am quite overwhelmed to be included on this site. I had no idea that my work would be featured – What I find fascinating is listening to someone else describing my work – It is quite illuminating! Thank you again for your comments. Sarah

  • Sarah, I think your sketchbook exploration and mark making techniques were quite inspirational. It reminded me of how liberating open interpretation can be when producing meaning and forms through the process. Keep going!

  • Loving the dance between literal, exploratory and expressive; and the focus on one subject – which is helpful to me

  • I’ve been following your blog, Sarah, so was aware of some of the ways you work but it was a treat, seeing it laid out in this way – and Bryan’s commentary’s the icing on the cake.

  • Really interesting to see how an idea and theme is progressed and really great sketch books – thanks for sharing

  • Thank you so much everybody ….. I finished drawing 1 last year and had my work assessed in November. I am now studying Concepts in Practice (painting 2)

  • Have just found the film of your wonderful sketchbook – I so envy its freshness, curiosity and your marks’ relationship to what you see and feel. I never imagined that this could be encompassed in the drawing 1 unit because I just haven’t understood what was I being asked to do…
    What an inspiration! Thank you… All good wishes for the future!
    Sue O

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