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Join OCA tutor Wendy McMurdo in Glasgow on the 3 June.
We will visit Polygraphs – a group exhibition, centred around Abstract by Hito Steyerl, which explores truth, fiction and evidence in a complicated world.  Artists are often witness to a changing global environment and their role within that is to document, ask questions and create layers of meaning to engage audiences with current international discourses.
Polygraphs is drawn from Glasgow Museums’ Collection and includes artists who interrogate dominant historical narratives about our connections to the arms trade, colonialism, the slave trade and feminism. It poses questions about the relationship of museums to the histories, identities and politics that they reflect and by redisplaying older works alongside more recent pieces the exhibition reactivates truths and fictions still relevant today.
To reserve your place please email enquiries@oca.ac.uk or alternatively to request a place on a study visit please click here and complete the form.
For study events that require a ticket, there is a non refundable fee of £10 to pay and your confirmation email will instruct you on how to do this.
Image Credit: Abstract (2012) Hito Steyerl

Posted by author: Joanne
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One thought on “Polygraphs

  • I would love to attend this as the content seems to be topical and very thought-provoking but Glasgow ? 464 miles and 7hrs 33mins by car or 14hrs 53 mins by train or 18hrs 55mins by National Express.
    It makes a difference from being in London I suppose.
    I would love to read some reviews of it.

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