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A nose on the floor has significant consequences thumb

A nose on the floor has significant consequences

John Robertson is a level two sculpture student at OCA. John showed promise as a boy making 3D objects and a teacher recognized this and gave him the materials to start a carving project. John worked after school to chip away at the block provided and produced a carving he was proud off after two weeks of dedicated input. Unfortunately, at the last minute, he accidentally chipped the nose off the sculpture he had made, and in his eyes, it was ruined. He felt so crushed about this that, he says, it took him 50 years to recover and pick up a chisel again. He clearly has talent, and did well in his recent assessment. Having produced several sizeable sculptures, he drove them to OCA HQ all the way from Dumfries for the assessment. We grabbed him then to talk about his work. Listen to him talking about it here.
It’s interesting comparing what he says with his tutor’s (Jim Unsworth) reflections on his work. Listen to the tutor reviewing the work produced.

Posted by author: Jane Parry
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One thought on “A nose on the floor has significant consequences

  • I’m just finishing Sculpture 1 and this is the first sculpture discussion/ video I recall seeing on the OCA website. All credit to both John and Jim for putting it forward, even if it was under duress.
    It’s particularly interesting to see a sculpture who’s switching between figurative and abstract, using the same starting point for both.
    I am still hungry for more information about the brief for each piece, and only learnt about the scale of one piece at the very end of the tutor’s video. Another time would it be possible to have the dimensions and materials shown against the piece as it being shown on screen?

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